The driver app is one of the most striking & audible features in the taxi ecosystem. It makes the driver enable all the actions for the desired business want to someone who is seeking taxi/cab services. It is seeking business without having any physical actions. With operations enabled to get higher it makes sense for driver to operates through this app for getting his business operations managed and seeked to give best customer experience.

Considering the convenience of the drivers, the application has been enriched with features that helps drivers track the pick-up and drop passengers and complete the business with utmost satisfaction. To keep up business & conveyance of passenger point of view, the driver app has been enriched with basic yet powerful benefits as follows. Hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed it making it for you for delivering an unequalled taxi service for passengers.

Personalized Look & feel

The driver logs in with his name & mobile number to get that personalized business services at his fingertips. With simple OTP Registration making ways for his preferred mode of vehicle selection and time of the day. The driver app is personalized by detailed profile & clocking in his business hours for business through an in-app registration process. It has been made amazingly simple to use & get the booking of passengers done with just a few clicks. It is simple GUI with great features to attend simplicity. Click..Click.. and you are on for business.

Trip Notifications

The driver will receive notification for 10 to 60 sec as soon as the passenger requests the trip. The drivers can accept or reject the trip based on their availability for the particular request & at that particular time. All rules apply for accepting & rejecting the trip apply.

Signaling on/off for taking rides

The driver has the choice to switch on and off his vehicle as per his schedule. This also gives him the right to work and get himself from off the work by adhering to the process as per the process.

Driver Driving Status

The drivers can indicate their availability by updating their status whether they are online, offline. They will get a In App notification showing the trip requested when he has agreed to be online with his duty hours to be active. During his activity, he will not be able to access other menu options on the App.

Ride History

The application gives the entire history of rides completed, cancelled or incomplete. The application for drivers is now equipped with the option to track their past trip details. It would be really good for them to have access to historical data about their past trips with which they can make self-evaluation.

Earning report

The driver can see total earned trips for the day which will enable him to have complete history and log available for his use.

Ratings and Feedback

Usually, the passengers are allowed to rate the drivers from their respective App. And now, the drivers can also rate the passengers and trips and convey their concerns through rating and feedback.