An Initiative, Running Exclusively for GOAN DRIVERS GOA TAXI differs from all the other taxi hailing apps in that it is GOA's only 'Income focused' app that is wholly owned and run for the drivers without charging them.

GOA TAXI hopes to revolutionize by integrating the much needed Mobile App into everyday practices of taxi drivers. To reiterate, there is no outside investment, just a solid workforce who, like yourselves, have an understanding of the business model.

GOA TAXI was born out of the need for an app that was need of an hour to resolve pain points of Local Goan Taxi Drivers, Ease out payment to Digitally Inclined Tourist & ultimately create a robust ecosystem where everyone gets benefited through Digital & Electronic way.

Remember, GOA TAXI is not for sole profit, so it can only work with the backing of its drivers and passengers. Please, spread the word, we see it as our duty to the travelling public to provide them with the safest and most reliable transport option in GOA . As far as technology goes, no one knows what will descend on us next, but at least we’ll be ready. What is achieved now could play a crucial role in cementing our place in the market as well as laying the foundations for future generations of the best taxi service not only in India but all over in the world.

We now have something we have never had before, our own App that is in line with local Goan taxi drivers & wont charge drivers anything at all. Moreover it will give multiple income as we breach the GAP of Tourist/s Passengers multiple time’s need with taxi drivers . This is local Goan Taxi App Service which can be used by local Goan People and also Businesses in State of GOA for their Daily Commute.

Our key Terms & Conditions are as follows:

  • We do not charge for booking
  • We do not revenue share from Driver Earnings
  • Passengers are charged for their conveyance of booking taxi
  • All Duties are commission free
  • You need to comply to GOA Government Rules & regulations to get Enrolled, That's all.

We take the conduct of our drivers very seriously and we always expect them to behave in a reasonable manner. At all times we expect our drivers to:

  • Strictly Adhere to the dress code as designated
  • Be courteous and professional to all our customers and members of the public
  • Act in a manner that is not likely to bring GOA TAXI into dishonor
  • Presentable manner of cheerfulness
  • Timely Pickup & Drop
  • Communicate with Passengers in friendly manner
  • Fulfil their commitments once they have accepted a GOA TAXI Ride
  • Face Disciplinary Action if not adhere to Timely Guidelines & Actioning it
  • Give a Customer Experience that will make them avail our Services with a smile.


Yes, you can cancel at any time. An intimation through email or contact the help desk through email support@goa-taxi.com or contact No:7420842132 for canceling the GOA TAXI membership.

Bank account details will be shared by drivers during the registration process. The ride amount due to the driver will be credited to this account on completion of the ride.

Any Smart phone with latest Android and IoS version

For Cab profile no restriction, For particular driver as per RTO norms [ Max duty hrs ]

As of Now, our Policy is standard. Fare is charges based on distance travelled and rate notified by Directorate of Transport Goa. These rates may change from time to time.

No Show, INR 100 per cancellation. In case of more than 2 cancellations in a month a penalty of Rs. 1000 and may effect in de-registration.

There is no restriction, each taxi shall be online for minimum 25 business day in the month, based on this performance index will be calculated. Individual may opt to have out station or personal duties when they are not in business.

This the scenario for operator can enrol new driver with interface given to them, this will be approved by the help desk / administrator at GEL Payment link will be of Vehicle profile created in the system. Means driver may be new, but business will be considered for the account registered during vehicle enrolment. In case of Re-Tagging of the vehicle to the new owner, he /she need to contact the call centre No. 7420842132

This will be as per the rates notified by Directorate of Transport. This will be strictly as per the norms put in by the government and will be updated in the mobile app from time to time.

T & C is being published along with the App release, Every Driver needs to read it and give acceptance for enrolment, this are quite friendly in nature and easily accepted by every individual person working as driver.

This is in the purview of Goa State Law & Order department, however there will be help seeked for major location at the time of project launch. On case to case basis operator may seek help of police department as per the situation.

You will need to download and install the app.

Open the App and click on “Continue” on the main screen. 'ALLOW' us to send you Notifications including the OTP and 'Access your Location' when prompted.

Enter your mobile number and tap 'request OTP. Read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before your proceed. You will receive an SMS, enter the number and press “VERIFY AND PROCEED”.

Kindly provide details of driver, vehicle and bank account at the time of registration. Also upload all documents required towards Driver KYC, Vehicle Documents and Bank details in the Mobile App. Photograph of the driver and Vehicle will also be uploaded.

Once you have submitted your details we will verify your documents for all necessary compliance's. If all documents are in place then your registration will be approved and your App will be activated.

If you are experiencing problems please email support@goa-taxi.com or contact call centre No. 7420842132 and a member of the team will call to help you.

You will be required to call your passengers and send & receive data through the app. We recommend that you choose a phone plan that gives you a minimum of 200 minutes call time per month and at least 2GB of data per month, which is very cheaply available all over GOA, just make sure that you choose good telecom operator as all activities are being managed through Mobile app only.

The first thing to do is check you have entered your details correctly (Driver, vehicle and Bank details. Also check for upload of all relevant documents as requested. If you are still having trouble, send us an email with details of the problem to support@goa-taxi.com or call back on 7420842132 we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Once you have signed up we will verify your documents. You will receive a text from us when your App is active. This will take ANYTHING between 24 -48 working hours.

Please allow anything between 24-48 hours for the verification process. If you still haven't received a text send us an email to support@goa-taxi.com or call back on given support numbers 7420842132 and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Log into your driver App with your mobile number and press ‘GO’. The icon will turn to yellow. If you would like to go unavailable tap ‘OFF’. App will show you the system as and when you are online or offline.

Please email us at support@goa-taxi.com and we will send you the link or hit the App Store (Android & iOS) and search for GOA TAXI- DRIVER

Please try the following:

  • First ensure you are ‘ONLINE’
  • Check your internet connection try accessing a website on your phone
  • Check your location, try going to Google Maps or Apple Maps to see if your location matches your current position.
  • The most common reason why you may not be getting offers for a long period of time is due to a low demand at that given time and location.
  • If you still think there is a problem please contact us through the App. Select ‘Help’ and send an ‘Email’ explaining the issues you are having to support@goa-taxi.com.

Please try the following:

  • Check you have entered the correct phone number.
  • Check for updates of the App in the App/Play store.
  • Uninstall current app and reinstall if there is no update available.
  • If you are still having trouble, send us an email to support@goa-taxi.com or contact support No. 7420842132 and we will get back to you as soon as possible
  • Once you have been verified open the App and ‘GO’ & circle searching for rides will be shown.
  • Ride offers arrive with a splash notification valid for 15 sec.
  • If you have the App open on your phone the Ride offer will appear on your home screen.
  • If you have the App running in the background you will receive a Ride IN App notification message.
  • Tap this message and your App will open and you will be able to view the Ride offer.
  • You will have the option to 'ACCEPT'. If the Ride is not accepted within 15 sec, same will be passed on to other driver.
  • If you accept the TRIP you will see the customer's pickup address and location on the screen. Make your way to the customer. The customer can see where you are on their app as you approach them along with the ETA (Estimated time of Arrival at Pick up point).
  • The TRIP details will say DIGITAL PAYMENT pre-paid / postpaid. Digital payment means online payment UPI/Card/Net-banking, which would be added to your wallet. Prepaid by default is the mode of payment.
  • If you are going to be delayed please let the customer know. You can call the customer and inform about the delay.
  • The customer will know where you are waiting. If you have tapped arrived too early or in a different location, or you are just unsure where the customer is, call the customer.
  • When the customer arrives, ensure you verify the name of the customer and OTP. You can see the name in the app. When confirmed, ask to share the OTP. Enter the OTP to start the Ride.
  • We would suggest not letting the customer vacate the taxi until you have confirmation that the payment has been successful.
  • Please check that you have finished the trip successfully & reached on the desired location. Tap on END RIDE’ to complete the ride and provide feedback towards customer.
  • If you have any problems please let us know by contacting us through the App. Select ‘Help' and send an 'Email' to support@goa-taxi.com or Call Centre No. 7420842132.
  • Passengers are given up to 2 minutes free waiting time, once customer is near your location the app would indicate like wise
  • Ask the passenger for OTP
  • You should only start your trip when your passenger boards the cab and you have punched in the OTP.

If you’re asked to wait longer at the pickup please make sure the passenger is aware that the trip will be engaged after 3 minutes, unless he/she cancels it.

The System will identify the fare accordingly, as per the directions & Standards rate given by Directorate of Transport GOA. We will be in sync with Government rates hence no miscalculations of incorrect fare, plus we will make sure that fare are paid in prepaid. If the rider ask the driver for a drop at a location further from the actual drop point, App will calculate the fare accordingly.

If at the end of a journey you are unable to take payment e.g. the app may have frozen, You ran out of battery or any other scenario, then close the app from background and reopen. In case of out of battery, we would share the payment details to both the driver and Customer. The driver can ask for the customer the amount shared on the App for collection of the payment.

Before a passenger gets in your taxi, you must verbally confirm their name and drop location matches the same on the TRIP to ensure you have the right passenger. This will also avoid non-payment and a passenger complaint. You can also double check by telling the passenger your name and making sure it’s the one they have on their app too.

If you are having trouble getting to the right pickup point, give the passenger a call. You can do this by tapping the phone icon on the TRIP details.

If you think the passenger is drunk and disorderly and you don’t want them in your cab, don’t get involved in any arguments, cancel the TRIP and let us know what happened.

Tap HELP & 'Email' to send us a message.

The first thing to do is let the passenger know as soon as possible. You can call them by tapping the phone icon on the TRIP details. Tell them that you need to cancel. Next cancel the TRIP and provide reason for cancellation as vehicle Breakdown.

When you get to the pick-up location the App will automatically send the rider a message that you have arrived. It might be a good idea to give them a call too, so you are not kept waiting unnecessarily. If the pickup is at an unsafe location (e.g. a large intersection, etc) park somewhere more suitable close by and call the passenger.

If your think lost property belongs to a GOA TAXI Customer please use the 'Help' then 'Email' to let us know so that we may contact the passenger concerned. We have slotted “LOST & FOUND” collection points across our KIOSKS in entire State of GOA, We can reconcile and ask passenger to get them collected after you have submitted it.

Simply tap ”Go” & App would know it’s own course of action for you to make busy by giving you trips.

The App send notification to first 5 drivers in the vicinity. This notification is valid for a period of 15 sec. If the same is not accepted within that period the same will be sent to the next lot of 5 drivers and so on. And remember to go OFFLINE if you are unavailable by tapping “OFF” as this helps us provide a better service to our customers.

There are 4 ways you can reach us...

Use 'Help' then 'Email' from the App

Send an email to


The wallet shows you the fare amount for each In-App ride completed on the App. The money in your wallet are paid without any processing fees and are commission free. Cash TRIPS through the App are not included in your wallet & it’s reconciliation is done after your office hours are closed. However the same would be shown under Ride history.

Please ask the OTP from Passenger when the passenger is inside the cab & you verify that he is authenticated passenger as per the passenger details given to you for the designated ride.

Remember, you will only ask for OTP when you have verified that it is the same passenger that matches the record & you verify it personally. Please do not ask for the OTP if the designated passenger is not physically present. It is not advisable & against the rule of GOA TAXI App Policy to ask for OTP from passenger on phone, when he is not present.

This may attract a penalty & you will be entitled for liability to get you cancellation from the GOA TAXI App with strict Police action being initiated against those drivers who breaks the rule.